Monday, February 1, 2010

Kitchen Aid Kfp400a Which Kitchen Aid Attachment (paddle Or Whisk) Do You Use To Make Pie Dough?

Which Kitchen Aid attachment (paddle or whisk) do you use to make pie dough? - kitchen aid kfp400a

According to the instructions that came with my Kitchen Aid mixer, you must use a flat paddle with my cakes.

However, I've also read that short wire whisk butter into flour quality.

I've always made my pie dough by hand, cutting the reduction of the flour with a pastry blender. But I'll try with my blender. The facility that you use? Would the blender on the fashionable method of age?


sonnyboy said...

I use the mass paddle.The is too heavy for the blender.
If you can not freeze a lot of dough or so, and have the mixer good.i a recipe that the mass of 6 meters, at the time I use makes all the time, so they always pie crusts in the hand.
Achieve fair for one or two feet would be quiet.

chefgril... said...

I use the shovel. The mixer beat the shortening is too expensive, and you are not a broad, scaly bark. You need to make these pieces of butter, puff pastry.

Jessi said...

Use the paddle to your mixer, if the reduction would cut into the flour well, you have a flaky crust Nice. Good luck!

Questing said...

I just had with his hand.

mr danger said...

I do not know that I never had the pie dough in my KA mixer, I have always had the processor and pulse it. If you use the console with the paddle, and controls the firing rate, da / W has KA in the mix a very real possibility .. If you use the KA model, where the court that you can drop weight quickly away before too bad has happened

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