Monday, February 8, 2010

Shadow Copy Error 80042306 -ntbackup System Restore Problem (Error) - What Can I Do To Repair?

System Restore Problem (Error) - What can I do to repair? - shadow copy error 80042306 -ntbackup

I have some problems with my Dell All in one team and try to make a system restore and got the following error: Volume Shadow Copy service used by System Restore does not work .. What can I do to fix it? I am running Widows Vista ..


Anonymous said...

Do not panic
From a completely outside the system: a switch and start playing immediately and sets F8.
Until this on the screen provides a selection of options. (If not try a No F vary somewhat different with different manufacturers
One of them are: --
Select Repair your computer, enter
English, type
Follow the instructions on the screen
Click Start, type. All you can sit back and relax, drink coffee, let him not only his own thing.

You're probably a virus, you should now urgently to install Norton anti-virus software, and still is, or at least some of these anti-virus.

Anonymous said...

Could be a registry problem. Here is defined as I had in XP. Computer / right click on the folder C: / Properties / Tools / Error-checking Check Now / correct system errors automatically or restart start /

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