Thursday, February 4, 2010

How To Make Eagle Cage With Picture & Instructions How An I Make The Sleeves Of An American Eagle Tee Shirt Tighter But Without Making It Shorter?

How an i make the sleeves of an american eagle tee shirt tighter but without making it shorter? - how to make eagle cage with picture & instructions

I have an average AE, Aeropostal and all kinds of shirts. The problem is the width of the arms are not heavy enough. I go to the gym every day, I'm built, but only a little loose around the arms, and I would be more stringent. So my question is, how to make the sleeves, loose short sleeves at all.


2keepuco... said...

must either be removed by folding or part of the material of the sleeve to shorten it. They should have done to a professional tailor or sewer.

:) said...

I'll probably go to a tailor. I do not think that it is the kind of things you do at home if you do not like the basics of sewing experts.

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