Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nadines Milk Bar General Hospital: Nikolas & Nadine (Spoiler Question)?

General Hospital: Nikolas & Nadine (Spoiler Question)? - nadines milk bar

I am so terribly sick of both. They are not, do not repeat, a good pair. And the writers of this show? We are together, everyone who is not, but now that everyone wants Nikolas to Claudia, brought him with Nadine. And this week, Nikolas and Nadine will have sex. BOO!

You know what, screw it, do not cry over spilled milk. Nikolas can flirt with all the cloning of Emily he wants to go. Now I ask Claudia and Ric.

So, what would it be? CIC? : P


♥Jen♥ said...

Me too! When I read that I became ill, just do not worry about it. Claudia and Ric could Clarice.

Lu said...

The problem I have with Nadine, who is so boring. She has done everything and will not complain. At first I thought it was funny, but now it is simply time.
As Nadine and Nik, I'm happy to see Nik Em was so crazy and a big gap, but Nadine is not my decision for him at all. I just hope the writers do not see things as usual and put a child or a miscarriage int OT mingle with them, or if you will, oh please no marriage bells. I have sent to yourself!

Bev said...

I like Nik and Nadine. But you are right that the authors go even faster! You are in!

I saw called Claudia and Ric Click. I like this because I would with other ABC!

Suicide Blonde said...

Yes, that Nadine is annoying, but I see the connection to Nicolas w / Claudia, I'm not going that far, but even here they have some of Sonny & Emily for some time, it was the worst game ever!

TABYS said...

Claudia never wanted someone who is just an animal. I would love to see Nicole and Nadine together.

Libra73' said...

I like them both

lostie said...

I love Nik and Nadine.

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