Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hormones After Menopause And Hysterectomy I Just Started Taking Bio-identical Hormones?

I just started taking bio-identical hormones? - hormones after menopause and hysterectomy

Last week I went to my doctor about taking hormone replacement therapy. I am in menopause (surgical menopause after a hysterectomy), and I have many symptoms. I asked her hormones, because she felt "life" and issues really need hormones.

He prescribed estrogen and progesterone bio-identical. Bio-Enviro plant were identical and synthetic hormones are not the urine of pregnant horses.

However, these synthetic hormones are not, they are still vulnerable because they are still hormones.

If anyone here experience with hormones or pharmacy or medicine, I appreciate your comments on this point.

My doctor gave me a presciption but he has asked me to sign APSnow stating that he assumed that these hormones make me into a category of high risk for breast cancer.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic if you know about it.

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mnvikes said...

In fact, it does not matter whether the substances are synthetic hormones or not. Hormones are signals mainly to cells and tell them to do something. Think of it as a key starting a car, the hormone is the key. It does not matter if the key is a copy or an original, all that matters is how it interacts with the car, not even at the start. or in the case of hormones, such as the interaction with your body, it must be the same way that a natural hormone. and were they increase the risk of breast cancer, theres a lot of things in the news recently about how the rate of decline in breast cancer for the first time, because the doctors have reduced, rather than hormones. Id talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits, if you have any questions or concerns.

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