Monday, February 15, 2010

Homemade Fan Blades Football Fan Homemade T-shirts?

Football fan homemade t-shirts? - homemade fan blades

I am a big fan of football in my high school and want to make a cool T-shirt for games.

School Colors: Black and White
Team name: Warriors

(no pets, because the use of a warrior, "racially or tomahwak by the school: bleh-P)



Sissykay :) said... / design / products.php? Gall ...

Have It Your Way. said...

Hmmmmm, I:

1.Draw a big muscular guy, with an average of facial expressions.
2.Draw an ax in his hand.
3.Add bow and arrows hang on the back.
4.Put Viking helmet on this topic.
5.Flush upwards.
6.Put black and white in the T-shirt.
7.On the back, where is the name of a player of this sport, because Go Warriors.

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