Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eczema Army Disqualify Will Nummular Eczema Disqualify Me From Military Service?

Will Nummular Eczema disqualify me from military service? - eczema army disqualify

I was just with this common skin disease now diagnosed ahhhhhhhhhh! Actually, I wanted my whole life on Army OCS go / enlisted after graduating in 4 years. Who knows if I am disqualified?

Thank you for any help!


Josh said...

This is something that is suitable to a recruiter about the visit. In my opinion, not to limit that you do military service. In our time, in this situation, we urgently need people who are ready to serve his country, and worked with people in the military who were different things, such as psoriasis to accept, because we have the numbers. The best way is to talk someone from your local Recruiter contact with them.

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