Sunday, January 31, 2010

Camera Without Batteries A Good Investment In Both Time And Money Will A Holga 120FN Camera Work Without Batteries?

Will a Holga 120FN camera work without batteries? - camera without batteries a good investment in both time and money

Because I was on a new roll of film that used batteries before the first shots might work with some flash, but now does not work. So, I'm sure the batteries are empty, but I do not want to replace an entire roll of film, only to charge the batteries to lose ..


Ms Sedgwick said...

Batteries for the flash.
keep shooting, if the weather is sunny. Hopefully. You should not miss this film. I rarely have my flash anyway. I would like to answer on sunny days.

oh, just to clear things, requires no batteries for the use of a Holga. provided you have a movie that is good to go.

cedykema... said...

If you have purchased 100-400 of film, it should go, just shoot outside.

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