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Flat Earth Snacks In The Ancient World, Atlas Held A Globe. When Did Humans Start Thinking The Earth Was Flat?

In the Ancient world, Atlas held a globe. When did humans start thinking the earth was flat? - flat earth snacks

In the ancient sculptures and drawings of the soil was described as round. Atlas held the earth as a sphere. At which point "the earth is flat" to the dominant theory?


bruhaha said...

Who knows what a particular person uneducated mind, but if you want to talk about education - politicians and elites is - the answer is simple: they do not do it!

Hetzer could not false. His caricature of the Middle Ages "(a term that is most historians have long gone inaccurate) is as ignorant as he seems to think the people in past centuries. In contrast, there was a lot of intellectual vitality and progress in many areas -- technology (many important inventions, for example, agriculture and navigation, including who is from the "age" or "Discovery" is possible), academics (the ignorant "Religious people founded the university system), economic (in the early modern economy, securities firms, banks), social and governance (creation of modern political and legal structure built in the late Roman system, almost exclusively) on slavery.

As to the question before us, the idea that most educated people in Columbus Day has estimated that the "flat world" is utter nonsense - a lie spread by the opposition later determined,Components of religion (Voltaire, Huxley AD White, Sagan and Dawkins).

In fact,

"All the educated people of Columbus Day, including the Roman Catholic prelate also knew that the earth was round. Venerable Bede (c. 673-735) showed that the earth was round, like the Bishop Virgil of Salzburg (c. 720 -- 784), Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) and Thomas Aquinas (ca. 1224-74 )..... ball was the title of the book of popular astronomy Middle Ages, written by John Sacrobosco academic English (c. 1200 -- 1256) " ...

Note that the planned trip was not against Columbus, because some bishops thought that he fell over the edge of the earth! "On the contrary, believed that the world was much larger than their calculations (and, incidentally, were right!) If you are not so long journey.

Unfortunately, the anti-religious bias that perpetuates the widespread idea of the Middle Ages, "continues to appear. Also succeeded Daniel Borsteinwrong. In his book "The Discoverers * suggests that the church has forgotten," "the earth was round, but rediscovered in this century, perhaps before Columbus - but his statement is ridiculously low (and the previous examples, in many other Opposition thereto).

gets flamed said...

Well, I think it was the lack of education. without a good school system, the nobals only receive an education were the priests and people knew what he saw. When a ship traveling in the ocean in a straight line after a while they become smaller and smaller until it disappears. When this happened, they thought the ship approaches the edge of the earth and in the fall.

amberr86 said...

Good question.

maythilr said...

Good question, or should I say, this remark.

Do the same people who persecuted Copernicus and Galileo Galilei almost say that the earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa.

Hetzer said...

After the Roman Empire collapsed, humanity moves into the Middle Ages. Religion has absolutely and priests have their own version of the world is polluted, has been put into question, and if anyone, they were executed as witches or the practice of heresy, and brands. It was not until the age of discovery, in 1500, begins again, the idea to be scientific, the world was so round, and new ideas were allowed to build and grow thought. Mankind needs to know about all this, learn to learn that the ancients already knew, once again, we are today.

mouse_ta... said...

Atlas was not in possession of a world, but that the sky is Hemisphere.

I suppose the idea of earth as a projectile, but in a way only the curvature of an ancient belief, due to the fact that it is easy to observe, the other horizon.

drshorty said...

If I remember correctly, the Atlas was not land, but the areas that were in the heavens.

byderule said...

or the oldest back, which seems to be far more civilized that
Atlantis was to be completed technolegy, MU should UR.Babylon knowlegeble civilized exstremly. Ancient India spoke of battles in the sky among foreigners.
Egyuptians and Central America have architecture and buildings, we can now understand and Asstrology biology and Dito
after the ice age, I think we began again to Caveman
May we dumber over time

the flat world was the dark ages or in the middle
before the Vikings, Irish monks, and sailed the oceans pheunicians down.

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