Monday, January 4, 2010

Fight Night Round How Do U Get 1000G On Fight Night Round 3?

How do u get 1000G on Fight night round 3? - fight night round

I can not fight love of the past. The guy I face is too good. Can someone me a few tips on how to beat the boys. And how in the world is a game with slight success. I saw many people with 1000G in Fight Night Round 3, but for me it's impossible? Can someone tell me how the easiest 1000G?


Ruddiger said...

However, I think Fight Night 3 cons team easily, even in the most difficult. Everything you need to do is stop and with a punch ko counter and hit him break.

As you progress, more to the statistics in your fight against the militants

Buy gloves and other things that improve their statistics

I think the Fight Night Round 3 sucks that bad in the 360 and the original x-box. Creating a character is **** with 360th There are less clothes to choose and the career mode is a load of crap.

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