Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rabbit Hutch Nj Can My 3 Month Old Rabbit Live In A Hutch Outside In Northern, NJ?

Can my 3 month old rabbit live in a hutch outside in Northern, NJ? - rabbit hutch nj

I live in northern New Jersey. The thermometer may drop to 20 degrees here, but this is very rare here. My life on vacation in a cage in the garage. Snowball was always so eager to leave his cabin or in the garage. I started letting go in the garage, but a garage is not a place to live holiday. I'm trying to put on the armor, but he never left. During the camp, leaving my mother and my brother to go outside. It went well until he is confident and ran into the yard of our neighbors. But he loved. I would like to fence in a small part of my garden with many plants in it. I want to be in his cabin and cockpit door open, so you can go play outside during the day. Then the night turns him back into his cabin and shut the door. I also put a lid on the fence in the area. This area is at my door, so you're never far from him. Is it too cold for him in the winter? What kind of reporting has put more pens? I just want my holidays to be happy. Better solutions? How can I ensure my holiday song to dig themselves out of the cabin? What kindClosing should I use? He likes to chew wood. Thankss \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt, 3


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