Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intense Fetish My Husband's Nose Stud Fetish .please Advice.?

My husband's nose stud fetish .please advice.? - intense fetish

I am married to a beautiful, friendly attention, romantic engineer husband. He is my ideal man. I have a small problem. It is a fetish nose. Insisted that he must pierce the nose into two nostrils, immediately after the wedding I did. He was very sexual at the sight, touch awakened Chaning my nose. He bought more than a dozen nails nose. He says he has such a strong desire to nose. Now he writes to me to pierce my nose. He promised to take not the nose stud from our room. I PUTON a sticker on the nose nosestud, especially to see my reaction in the nose with the dowel to. To my surprise, I found it very pleasant. He is so dear husband that I have a heart to say no. But I am from what people say fear. Please tell me what to do. I can not speak with my family


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