Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hair Wax Example Pictures What Product To Use To Get This Hairstyle??(please Check Out The Photo)?

What product to use to get this hairstyle??(please check out the photo)? - hair wax example pictures

I am a child of 14 years,
I have short black hair, slightly curly
I want this hairstyle one days .. I used to use wax hair (my hair without blowdrying) and always used to know after a while ..
an example of what I want my hair to look like this:
% Http: / / / photobucket.com image / prickly 20hai ...
Thank you guys and thank you for every, R Pictures


Keithzwo... said...

VO5 styling wax or style Treseme wax. Do not spread evenly through the hair and use white and not turn around.

hmmmm said...

unless you are using, I suggest you head sweet fat, which is sold exclusively from selected salons ... The average price of 10 pounds is a bit much, but keep your money for so long.

If you are trying to find generated a shock wave Budget Styler take extrme around 5 pounds - 6 pounds.

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