Friday, November 13, 2009

Liver Toxic Symptoms Slightly Enlarged Liver, Gallbladder Polyp And An Enlarged Spleen! Help! What Is It?

Slightly enlarged liver, gallbladder polyp and an enlarged spleen! help! what is it? - liver toxic symptoms

A month ago I started with greasy stools with mucus .. Besides, I had a funny taste in mouth, almost as if it were toxic and had bubbles in my urine ..

Rules for my spleen is the upper limit of the size of these ways is considered to be normal, slightly enlarged my liver and my gallbladder is a polyp on her, 4 mm .. fatty stools again. I also have a dull ache or pain in the left side, closer to the pelvic bones at the front and wraps to the next stage of my side and my back ..

so that the bubbles would go in my urine, urinalysis, nothing came out of the ordinary .. My urologist said that my prostate was good too, and my kidneys are in good condition .. I assume that the bubbles in the urine is a byproduct of what happens with my digestion ..

my liver enzyme tests have been good .. Blood flow in the liver is good .. without obvious obstruction of bile ducts inside or outside the liver .. Pancreatic seems in good shape and size as tests for enzyme .. That are normal and

So, what can I do?Gallbladder is probably the cause of what I get sick? or are they symptoms of a cause? Even if you have an enlarged spleen, it is something to be manipulated or may break ..

Thank you in advance for your answers!


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