Sunday, November 8, 2009

Images Of The Serial Number For Mount And Blade HELP! - Are These AUTHENTIC VOKEY SPIN MILLED WEDGES Or COUNTERFEITS?

HELP! - Are these AUTHENTIC VOKEY SPIN MILLED WEDGES or COUNTERFEITS? - images of the serial number for mount and blade

I bought this on eBay.

SM54.10 and SM58.08.

The only problem is Im sure if they are genuine. They look like the real deal, except that the 54.10-range, only 4-digit number 0507, while 58.08 a 4-digit number is 0407, but in the body and not to the hostel! (If you wrong, I should not have a serial number 7 digits?)

For those of you who are Vokey Wedges ... they are true or ...? Might be able to back my money if you act fast!

Thank you very much! ... ... ... ...

The serial numbers of the clubs: ...


Chris M said...

Who are the real deal are the same across

jwardude said...

Take them to a dealer and make it look like Titli. (the problem is on ebay! Caveat emptor's)

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