Monday, December 7, 2009

O C D More Condition_symptoms O.C.D Or Something More?

O.C.D or something more? - o c d more condition_symptoms

I received a diagnosis of anxiety disorder and depression.

I have thoughts and Belifa people have said to be paranoid.

I think people talk in my work for me, every major meeting and has discussed with me. Every time someone looks at me, I think the work is to test yourself, and everyone in it. I think I see when I go to the bathroom because they think the drug.

I think people can Poision me try. I think my family spy on me, I am the milk together and talk about me in it. I think they're afraid od me and think I'm crazy.

Somehow you find these thoughts may not be true, but still believe there might be.

Is this a part of my OCD?


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