Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fish Shaped Bowl What Kind Of Fish Can Be Put In A Tank With Bettas?

What kind of fish can be put in a tank with bettas? - fish shaped bowl

My parents have aqurium the shape of a bowl of gold fish (you know the round). My male Betta fish died from ick (it's a real diease) 4 years and would like another, but one thing though. Notes aqurium in the field that only one fish in the computer and then add one months later (though not sure says).

In any case, here is the question ... What kind of fish can be placed in a aquirum with bettas?

I remember betta in a tank with goldfish (which were small and had a blue stripe on the sides, I think called tetras), which was at Petco, I saw a tank with 2 bettas in it for Petco. I think it was a male and female.


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